Cryptomator "icon menu" doesn't display correctly in Windows notification area


First, Cryptomator runs just fine and I really like this piece of software. Thanks!

But. Running Windows 7 on my laptop, Cryptomator shows an icon in Windows notification area, as it should. If I right-click this icon I should get an small menu with two (or three?) options and the last one being “Exit” (or Close?). Now, this is not happening on my system right now. It only shows a small “box”. Se attached screebshot below. I think this happend after upgrading to 1.33, but I’m not sure.

It’s not a big deal really, not big enough for me to start uninstall/install and so on, experimenting for a fix. Everthing else works fine and I don’t want to risk my setup right now. I have to much to do in my life already as it is at the moment.

Just making this post “for your information” so to speak, and to make a clearification that maybe this is more of a grahpics driver problem than a Cryptomator problem. Can this be case? On the other hand, I haven’t fiddled with any graphics driver or any other system driver lately and this problem occured around if not exactly when upgrading to 1.33. So… any ideas?


I have the same issue running Win 10 Pro x64 on two different computers. Running v1.33. I think it occurred after the v1.33 update.
cheers and thanks

As far as I know this is a know bug out of 1.33
But actually I can’t find the related github issue.

So updating my graphics driver wound’t do any good then. Hmm, thats good in one way, updating graphics drivers is little like walking in a minefield sort of speaking. Most times it works, but sometimes… booom! :wink:

Thank you for reporting this issue! I’m not sure if there was a related GitHub issue. Created one here:

I’m testing the 1.40-beta2 on Windows10 and confirm that this issue is solved in that version.