Cryptomator Hub - create vault - crypto.randomUUID is not a function

pretty rookie with Cryptomator, so perhaps a beginners problem, probably forgotten something.
When trying to create the first vault in a freshly installed Crytomator Hub I receive the error message “Unexpected Error: crypto.randomUUID is not a function”. No idea what to do.

Hub: 1.0.1, Keycloak Version 20.0.2, running in Docker on a Debian system, Browser Firefox

Perhaps somebody has an idea.
Thx and nice greetings

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

I assume this is displayed in the web developer console of your browser? Can you please post the complete stack trace.

Hi and thx for the feedback. You are right, the error message shows up in the browser, in nice red font next to the “Create Vault” button. In the console of the Hub and Keycloak I do not see any error messages.

The full error from the browser console is from CreateVault.vue:164:12 and looks as follows:

Creating vault failed. TypeError: crypto.randomUUID is not a function
    $ CreateVault.vue:157
    setup/</g[4]< CreateVault.vue:183
    withModifiers runtime-dom.esm-bundler.js:1457
    callWithErrorHandling runtime-core.esm-bundler.js:157
    callWithAsyncErrorHandling runtime-core.esm-bundler.js:166
    U runtime-dom.esm-bundler.js:345

Hope this tells you a little bit more, else please let me know which further information you might need.
Nice greetings

Thanks for the stack trace. Currently looking into the cause of it, do you use TLS or plain http?

Hello again. Using only plain http

Cryptomator Hub is a zero knowledge web application which, because it is a web application, must run in a secure environment. Plain HTTP communication (without TLS) does not count towards this requirement. We will have to modify the setup wizard and the website to make this clear, but Cryptomator hub cannot be used with plain HTTP except for local testing with or localhost.

ah okay, understood. So I will need to do some security tuning on my setup. Thx for investigating!