Cryptomator hogging CPU after actions in Thunderbird mail client

Dear all,

I have repeatedly observed the following behaviour of Crypromator and do not understand what is happening; perhaps someone can suggest something here.

1.) I am using Thunderbird as mail client, with ca. 30 folders stored as “Local Folders” in a Cryptomator vault.

2.) When moving a number of mails (ca. 50) or folders (ca. 10) within the local folders, Cryptomator will begin to consume a large amount of CPU (ca. 25%), also resulting in bringing Thunderbird to a standstill.

3.) This CPU load will not go down again, regardless of how long I wait; I have to manually kill the process. After restarting Cryptomator & Thunderbird, everything will be just fine.

I have never observed this behaviour anywhere else and also cannot reproduce it deterministically, but it does occur in this situation often. Any ideas, suggestions?


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