Cryptomator hangs forever on webdav network activity

using Cryptomator 1.4.6 x64 on Windows 10 with WebDav and standard port , mounting vault as S: drive, with Google Drive folder hosting encrypted data

after some time of normal activity using explorer on S: drive any instance of explorer using S: freezes forever.

Using Task Manager I see the explorer process showing status “not responding”. Any attempt to kill the process shows message “access denied” even though it is running under my UserName.

If I try to lock the vault it prompts for Force Lock and answering yes results in message “ejecting drive failed”

Finally if I try to shutdown it never completes and I have to force power off

This means to me Explorer is currently locked waiting on some kernel resource probably due to a buggy WebDav driver.

Very disappointing

i had the same problem, and realized that Cryptomator is designed to work with local folders. Do yourself a favor; stop using webdav mounts and use something like a Dropbox client, Nextcloud client etc. that can sync from a local folder on your pc :slight_smile:

I just installed a Dropbox client to keep my vaults in, it seems to work great with Cryptomator.

thanks S. for your answer, but I am not sure I understand your suggestion. Can you please clarify ?

you say to use local folders, plus cloud sync clients such as Dropbox to sync the selected folder.
Actually this is what I do: the Cryptomator (encrypted) vault is a subfolder of my Google Drive local folder , which is kept in sync by the Google Client named “Backup and Sync”

WebDav is the default mechanism used by Cryptomator developers to mount the UN-encrypted virtual folder simulating a network drive. I am not using any network drive myself.

It happens this WebDav drive hangs forever as I described making the Cryptomator Desktop useless and worse forcing me to reboot as then Windows Explorer stop working

OK, my bad. I was answering from my Linux perspective, where Google does not have a sync client. Sorry.

Anyway, if your solution does not seem to work, why not try alternatives like Dropbox?

problem is no longer showing up if I let WebDav choose what port to use with default “0”. It has been working without a glitch for quite sometime now.

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