Cryptomator & Google Drive: streaming by default but making selected folders available offline

Hi all,
where I come from:
I used to use Boxcryptor and have synched the entire vault with Google Drive. I selected the “streaming” option by default to safe space on my local hard drive. I.e., in general, all files and folders were stored in the cloud only and downloaded on demand.

For selected folders that I needed to access frequently, I chose the option “available offline” in Google Drive. I.e., I had a permanent local copy of these folders on my hard drive, which I could also access without internet connection. They would still sync with Google Drive as soon as an Internet connection was available.

issue with Cryptomator:
I only see the option to either “stream” or make “available offline” the entire Cryptomator file on Google Drive. I cannot find an option to select only individual folders for offline use.
Does that option not exist or do I just not find it?

No there’s no option for that. Because the sync is done by the sync client. But the sync client does not have any information about your (unencrypted) folders.
The folder structure is obfuscated. Therefore you can’t select parts of your vault for offline access while the other part is streamed.

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Thanks for your reply, Michael. It answers my question.

So, if I get that right, the only way to handle this would be 2 vaults, one “mirrored” to my hard drive (i.e., always available offline also) and one streamed only. That is not very convenient, but I understand the additional privacy benefit and can work with that.

Yes, that’s the way how I would do this.

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