Cryptomator google drive data loss on sync

My setup is as follows:
I use google drive on every computer I own and I use mirroring instead of file streaming to always have my files locally on multiple devices. I use cryptomator as my encryption software and this is the only folder on my google drive.

How I fucked up:

My laptop was running low on space and I needed to test something real quick which needed 5 gb of free space. To temporarily create some free space I deleted the contents of my google drive folder. A few minutes later I recovered them from trash from within google drive in the browser.

I start cryptomator again, decrypt my drive, aaand the cryptomator drive is empty. I instantly panic and powered off my modem/router combo thing, so that the changes wouldn’t sync. But it was already to late.

I don’t really know what caused the corruption. Is there any way to get my data back? I haven’t touched a single file since I’m afraid to even further fuck it up.

I would really appreciate the help since that folder contains my entire uni life and it would be a really sad day if I lost it all.
I’ve already contacted google if they could revert my gdrive to a previous state but that isn’t something their platform supports.

Well, it fixed itself somehow. Backing up everything to an external drive now…

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