Cryptomator freezes when using it with any LaTeX editor

I (want to) use Cryptomator for LaTeX edditing, but the process freezes as soon as I want to compile the file.
I am using :

  • cryptomator linux desktop (ubuntu 16.04)
  • the folder in question is sinking to owncloud
  • Any LaTeX editor (texstudios, texmaker, texwork all the same problem)

I open my cryptomator vault containing my .tex files and open them using my LaTeX editor. As soon as I click “compile” or “run and view” I see that cryptomator is decrypting data (green spike), but then the LaTeX editor freezes.

If i do:
ps aux | grep "name-of-my-latex-editor"
I see some processes that I dont succeed to kill, and I have to reboot my computer in order to use the LaTeX editor again. If I want to close the vault i says “Ejecting drive failed”. If I try to eject the vault manualy (in the Files and click the unmount buttom) it sais that "Volume is bussy, one or more processes are using it"
The processes listen are four times the same process

/usr/bin/pdflatex-synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode example.tex

The process which I cant kill with “sudo -9 kill XXXX” is listed below

molly      5743 14.6  3.1 2378028 255316 ?      Sl   16:59   0:06 texstudio /run/user/1000/gvfs/dav:host=localhost,port=42427,ssl=false,prefix=%2FfU_NyFzETJDn%2FOwncloud_Cryptomator/latex/example.tex
molly      5810  0.0  0.0  14228   968 pts/2    S+   16:59   0:00 grep --color=auto texstudio

This problem does not occures when I copy past the .tex file to a place outside the cryptomator vault, so the problem is not part of the .tex files or the latex editor.

Any help would be appreciated. I find Cryptomator super awesome, and I promise I will donate if this ends up working well for me.


Cryptomator is using WebDAV to mount the drive. One reason why it freezes could be that the LaTeX editor doesn’t work with WebDAV drives mounted via gvfs in general. You could try out a “neutral” WebDAV server:

Some related issues that come into mind:

In summary, reasons could be:

  • gvfs just doesn’t work properly. You could try out davfs2 instead.
  • Your system doesn’t generate enough randomness. You could try out rng-tools.

If it’s really a WebDAV issue, you could otherweise wait for FUSE since we’re close to releasing a beta version of Cryptomator 1.4.0.