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I often compare my Cryptomator vaults with the cloud to ensure everything is synching. I have found, even on my local files, that when I open a primary and a secondary (backup) vault and compare the contents inside they are 100% same. However, if I close the vaults and perform a compare of the vault files itself and it shows differences. Since both vaults are the same when I open them, I just force copy the primary vault to the secondary vault. However, I would like to eliminate this step as it always makes me uncomfortable taking such action every month when I compare files.

Since the vault contents are the same, is there anyway for Cryptomator to clean up these extraneous files so both vaults are the same?

I don’t quite understand your setup yet. In general, it’s true that the decrypted content doesn’t create the same encrypted content. Even if both of your vaults have the identical masterkey.

E.g., if you unlock both vaults in Cryptomator side-by-side and encrypt a file in both virtual drives separately, you will get different encrypted files because each file have their own content key, see: Security Architecture — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation


Thanks, your last paragraph supports an incorrect assumption on my part. You confirmed for me a vault which is synched in an unencrypted state will show it is synchronized. However, once you close the vaults and compare the files in their encrypted state there will be differences. I incorrectly assumed when I initially created the vaults which were exact copies and had the same keys they would stay in synch forever, assuming I always made like changes.

I got to this place as I just simply copied a primary vault and created an exact backup copy of the vault. At that time, the files in their decrypted state were in synch and so were the encrypted files. However, when I made the same changes to each vault, closed the vaults and later in the month I compared the vaults they were different. I incorrectly assumed something got corrupted as they were now different.

Lesson learned but sorry I took your time to require you to explain it to us once again. However, I am grateful and appreciative.

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No worries! Glad I could help. :+1:

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