Cryptomator file extensions


I am new to Cryptomator and I am wanting to confirm my understanding of the file extensions used so that I can test my data backup and recovery processes.

I have a vault on Google Drive which is backed up nightly to another service. In my case, the backup software requires me to enter filenames to restore. The restore ensures the folder structure is created. From my understanding of the v1.5 docs there are two file extensions used: .c9r and .c9s (in some cases). Is this correct or are there other file extensions to consider?

Also, does Cryptomator create or maintain empty directories in its hierarchy? If so, if these are not restored, would the vault become corrupted?


You should also consider the .cryptomator file extension for the masterkey file (and soon with Cryptomator 1.6, the vault config file will also have the same extension). And while you’re at it, you can also add .bkup, which is the file extension for the backup of masterkey files that are created after successful unlocks.

But that’s it, inside the d directory are only .c9r and .c9s files.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful. I can’t believe I missed the .cryptomator file extension. :grimacing: