Cryptomator file decryption speed is affected in latest version 1.5.18 in android

Hello cryptomator team, i feel that cryptomator file decryption speed is reduced in latest version 1.5.18 in android. i uploaded a video in cryptomator local vault and then i tried to play it . it becomes very problamatic and i have to first export it locally . its size was 215mb. before this update everything was fine and superfast. could you please have a look into this matter. Thankyou @saireal

Hmm that’s interesting but I’m unable to see a difference between 1.5.16 and 1.5.18, even while trying to reproduce it and looking through the code. There shouldn’t be anything changed which have an affect on the file decryption speed:

Did you do some time measurements or is it more of a feeling?