Cryptomator + Dropbox for syncing changes between the mobile and desktop versions of Scrivener - could this work?

There are a few services I’d like to use that allow for optional cloud syncing between desktop and mobile clients using a third party cloud service (Scrivener - a writing software with both a desktop and mobile version - being the first one that comes to mind), and I’m wondering if I can use Cryptomator to give myself an additional layer of security. Dropbox is the only cloud service supported at the moment for this optional cloud integration with Scrivener, and I was wondering if I could do the following:

Rather than save my files to a standard folder in Dropbox for syncing between the WIndows client and iOS app, I would save my files to a Cryptomator vault within Dropbox, so that the files are encrypted client-side before being synced with Dropbox. Would this allow me to utilize the sync feature between the desktop and mobile versions of Scrivener, or are Cryptomator files unable to be decrypted before being pulled down from the cloud and synced to a mobile app like Scrivener? I suppose this logic would apply to any iOS app that allows you to access and edit files on your mobile device that are synced with your desktop .

Does it sound like this could work?

I must admit that I don’t know how the Scrivener apps work exactly but I’d assume that it works as “any” other application.

On Windows: It shouldn’t(!) make a difference if you’re opening a file that is on your hard disk drive or inside the virtual drive provided by Cryptomator. Some applications behave in a weird way because they process files differently that are inside a network share but that should be rare.

On iOS: If you can share files to Scrivener for iOS, you can use the import/export functionality of Cryptomator to get files in/out. If Scrivener has a built-in Dropbox integration, you unfortunately won’t be able to use it with Cryptomator. I mean, the files have to get encrypted/decrypted somehow.