Cryptomator Drive disappears under OSX High Sierra

Hey guys

Since I moved to another MAC with High Sierra (fresh install) my Cryptomator drive disappear all the time without any reason.

I enabled the Debug mode, but I can’t find anything conspicuous inside or at the end, after I had my last unmount.

Any ideas?


Known issue with WebDAV caused by Apple.

Is there any timetable, when it could be fixed?

Well. I again recommend to read the existing posts to this topic within the search link I have posted above for you.
Then you might notice this one

and realize, that there are arguments that this is an issue apple has to fix in their OS because it might be caused by how apple is handling WebDAV drives.
You may also notice that there a cryptomator beta out that does not require WebDAV anymore and therefore might be an option.
And no: there’s no official date when cryptomator 1.4 (stable) will be available