Cryptomator Drive Disappears Under Load - High Sierra Beta

I’m running macOS High Sierra beta 9. When I attempt to copy large amounts of data (database archive from DEVONthink at around 9.32GB and importing around that amount of data into EagleFiler), the drive seems to unmount as it is no longer available. If I lock the drive and unlock it, I can access it again, although whatever data transfer I was doing to that drive fails. This has been happening since beta 4, although it could have been longer.

I put Cryptomator in debug mode and reproduced the issue, but the entire log file is 49.7MB. I don’t know if this is the spot to post it, if there is another method to get this to the developers, or if there is something specific I should look for and post a snippet. I did search for “error” and it returned the following:

10:39:23.910 [AppKit Thread] ERROR o.c.u.controllers.UnlockedController - Reveal failed.
org.cryptomator.frontend.webdav.mount.Mounter$CommandFailedException: Command failed with exit code 1. Expected 0. Stderr: 29:55: execution error: Finder got an error: Handler can’t handle objects of this class. (-10010)
10:39:58.884 [AppKit Thread] ERROR o.c.u.controllers.UnlockedController - Regular unmount failed.
10:40:01.316 [pool-5-thread-94] DEBUG org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel - HttpChannelOverHttp@4075032a{r=11029,c=false,a=DISPATCHED,uri=//localhost:42427/yEy-HXo8SY8z/Backup_Files/} action ERROR_DISPATCH
500 Server Error HTTP/1.1

I am also available to test should that be required.

Since I updated to High Sierra some days ago (the final version, no beta, no GM), I see the same problems.

We’re aware of this issue and it’s disconcerting. Currently, we believe it’s something that has to be fixed by Apple.

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