Cryptomator drive disappears (1.4.0 fuse with Mojave & High Sierra)



Hi - I know the issue is stated to be solved with FUSE and/or Mojave … bit I still have this behavior with 1.4.0 FUSE both on High Sierra and Mojave. Latest after one or two hours the drive mount is lost and I need to lock/re-unlock to get back access

What do?

Thanks for the GREAT PRODUCT … it simply needs to work …


update: interestingly, when I specify a dedicated mount point, it is as follows:

  • Drive does not show up under Volumes = “Drive disappeared”


  • it is still accessible via the mount point

Hope this helps :sunglasses:


… This is not just an effect within MAC-OS - so it is also in LINUX (Ubuntu 18.04LTS). And unfortunately also the “Save-PW-Function” is not working too. So I have always to dismount / mount the volume again, if I leave the mounted volume in Nautilus.

By the way: I have specified a mountpoint… but that doesn’t change anything. In Version 1.3.2 this wasn’t a problem. What I have recognized - the name of the mountpoint ist changed: There is a cryptic extension added. Here is an Example:
Name of the Mountpoint: MyMountpoint, so it is shown in Nautilus: MyMountpointjw3ri087

Hopefully that helps.

Thank you very much in advance!

Best Regards