Cryptomator / Docker Debian x64 installation

I am trying to install Cryptomator on Synology as Docker image. The Debian x64 image seems to work, it build something when I start the container and finishes, when I open another shell, I get a regular debian prompt.
I have also configured the container so that my folders (which I would like to sync into Cryptomator vaults) are mounted as well.
What I would like to achieve is to run a container permanently which syncs a (locally unencrypted) folder into the encrypted Cryptomator vault.

  1. Do you have any hints for me how to achieve this (links to English or German tutorials, resources, articles) ? I could not find anything googling and going through the forums here.
  2. Will it work to concurrently use the vault from other devices even though it is not unmounted/locked (the Synology NAS stays permanently on) ?

Thanks for any help, Simon