Cryptomator directly in Cloud

I have got a question.

I would love to use Cryptomator with Dropbox. The only problem is that my MacBook only has 100GB free for Dropbox to store locally. All other stuff (up to 1.3 TB) has to stay just online. The Problem I see with cryptomator is the need for that Vault to be stored locally to be accessible right?
Is there any way I can use Cryptomator for all my stuff that is not locally?


It depends on the client sync software. For example Cryptomator in Combination with Google File Stream works. Only the files you need are downloaded and you have limited Cache size keeping your offline storage free.

But you can’t run Cryptomator in the cloud. I mean, you can’t run any software in a (storage) cloud. Addtionaly one of the major beneftis of Cryptomator is the client side encryption. Last but not least it’s platform agnostic, meaning from our side there won’t be any efforts to integrate it into the software of a cloud provider. If the cloud provider is implementing it, that would be another thing.

Or you can give cyberduck a try which uses Cryptomator for encryption and therefore provides direct access to an „only online“ vault.

Well this seems like a cool project. Still I think dropbox has some sort of in-house solution.

Has anyone tried the SmartSync Feature with cryptomator? It seems like it should to exactly what Cyberduck tries to do but all in the dropbox desktop application. Any thoughts?

As far as I am aware, it is not possible to use Dropbox SmartSync with Cryptomator. SmartSync downloads a file on your hard disk as you try to access it, but I am afraid there is no way to let Dropbox understand that a file accessed through the virtual drive created by Cryptomator corresponds to (another) encrypted file in the cloud. The only (middle) way that I see is to create several vaults, which can be downloaded separely in function of your needs, but always as a whole.