Can't access masterkey

Hi all. I’ve been using Cryptomator for several years after leaving Boxcryptor once they stopped supporting the product I had purchased. Other than the learning curve whens I first began using Cryptomator, I’ve had no issues that I couldn’t find an answer to. Unfortunately, today I now have a problem I need help with.

I use Cryptomator on several of my desktops, laptop and Android devices. Today, I needed to reboot my laptop and when it came back up, Cryptomator showed the directory I had been using in the past. I clicked on it and it showed me two password boxes. I determined that this was going to try and create a new directory. I tried to open an existing directory but couldn’t so I removed the previous directory from the Crytomator window. Now when I try to open an existing directory, I go to Dropbox and then Cryptomator and select the masterkey.cryptomator. When I click on it I get a pop-up telling me “masterkey.cryptomator The file cannot be accessed by the system” no opportunity even exists to enter my password.

I am still logged into the same masterkey on my other devices but I cannot access it via my laptop.

Any suggestions?


Hi. This sounds to me like a Dropbox SmartSync issue. Can you please check if you have that feature enabled, and if yes does disabling it solve the problem?


I very much appreciate your reply. I looked at my Dropbox settings, and the SmartSync option was disabled. A day or so earlier, I had been investigating the SmartSync option, but decided against it since my hard drives are large enough and that I prefer to have my files available on my computer.

After your reply, I went ahead and turned the SmartSync option on and then off, and surprisingly, that allowed the masterkey to become accessible.

Again, I really appreciate your reply and impressed that you happened to be aware of the problem.


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