Cryptomator Corrupts Files

I’m using Cryptomator 1.5.13 on Mac, I have been experiencing file corruption with Cryptomator all the time and not only on one system. I’m thinking of moving away from Cryptomator at least until the problem is resolved, I have created a video about how it corrupts the files and will share the link here as soon as it is on YouTube, hopefully, that helps to replicate the file corruption issue for Ctyptomator team.

I’d suggest everyone be super careful until the Cryptomator team solves this major problem.
If you search the community you’ll find tha I’m not the only one who’s complaining about it.


Writing a concise bug report on GitHub using its template would be very helpful. Especially, with the necessary steps on how to reproduce this issue. I assume that will be part of the YouTube video but it doesn’t really help to make serious claims without providing any context.


Looks like I’m not the only one who’s affected, I leave you alone with DuckDuckGo,
Thanks for your reply anyways

Can you please explain how this happened? For the benefit of other users like us.

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I was using Cryptomator in both Mac and Ubuntu for stroring some large files, what I kept facing at the time was simply losing bits on large files which caused those file end up corrupted. I did some code reviews and exploration to see if I can address the potential problem but eventually decided to move to a different enctyption tool and I did it for a while. (VeraCrypt does not fullfil my needs in the cloud), Cryptomator is simpe and secure, but non of the other tools out there combine simplicity and security at the same time specially when it comes to opensource or free software, not even the paid ones.
From last week I switched back to Cryptomator to see if the new updates have possibly fixed anything related to the data corruption, the result was great, I’m not facing that issue any more, I also did some stress testing by copying a great amount of files to multiple encrypted paths at the same time in both Linux and Mac, nothing was wrong this time.

I’m still reviewing the code and doing different kinds of tests but the good news is:
Cryptomator does not corrupt my files any more.

That’s not where the story ends, I will update this post or create new posts if I find something that needs an attention. There is also the bug report channels on Github which I will consider using if there is anything.