Cryptomator closes in background / Error: Names too long, characters invalid

Hi there,

Cryptomator worked great for me with smaler bits of data. But with my first bigger chunk of data (16 GB, mainly photos), I am constantly running into problems.

  1. After a few seconds / minutes I receive a error message (sorry, it’s in German, but I’ll translate afterwards):

Das Objekt „IMG_2128.JPG“ / „einzug“ kann nicht kopiert werden, da der Name zu lang ist oder es Zeichen enthält, die auf dem Zielvolume ungültig sind.

Translation (word by word): The object “…” can be coped, because the name is too long or it contains characters that are invalid on the target volme.

I can just cancel the whole operation which stops the copying process.

  1. Parallel, the virtual volume of the vault created by Cryptomator is gone (ejected). When I open Cryptomator, the Open-Vault-View is still there and I can still close the vault (which already happened in the background).

What can I do?
It seems like „IMG_2128.JPG“ / „einzug“ aren’t long names…

My system: MacOS, High Sierra, 10.13.2.
Latest version of Cryptomator.

Thanks for your help!


Same problem here, Any suggestions?

dwhh, meanwhile you can use Encrypto, it’s free.

Cryptomator team please repair this bug !!!


I found a really useful workaround, described here:

  1. I used “disk utility” to create a encrypted volume on mi Mac, so locally my files are secure.
  2. I used RCLONE to sync to my onedrive, rclone can sync easily sync with any cloud.
  3. I create a encrypted remote for synchronize my files (from my volume) to a folder on remote (onedrive) but encrypted.

Rsync encrypt folder names too and only sync the changed for new files on volume, it’s like dropbox !

If I can see my images only mount my volume locally, if I make changes like add or modify files simply run a single line command and rclone sync to cloud: rclone sync /Volumes/Personal remoteCrypt:Directory

Rclone has GUI interface too but I preferd hard mode. I prefer Cryptomator but this is a temporary solution while Cryptomator team repair or give us a solution :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips, Experts_SAS, but I want to stick with Cryptomator.
Dear Community - any suggestions to the problem?


Good Morning :slight_smile:

I just started using Cryptomator and I really like it. But some files make problems, and the virtual drive ejects while copying.

I am using MacOS High Sierra on an old iMac (2010). Very often this error message appears:

You can’t copy the item DSC01282.jpg because its name is too long or includes characters that are invalid on the destination volume.

In the next attempt to copy, this file is OK and gets copied, but another file that was copied before will not be copied. I seems random. And the file names are OK, just jpgs of my child that I want to backup and encrypt.

I could find someone with a similar problem on google, but I think there was no real solution and it is a high Sierra problem… Something about Fuse was mentioned, but I dunno what fuse is.

Any ideas what I should do?

Thank you a lot in advance

I think the error message is misleading but the ejection of the virtual drive is unfortunately a bug in High Sierra and the error message is probably related to that: Cryptomator Drive Disappears Under Load - macOS High Sierra

In summary, it’s something that Apple has to fix in their WebDAV implementation in Finder because all connections via WebDAV (not just with Cryptomator) are affected.

Cryptomator uses WebDAV to mount the virtual drive and we’re about to switch to a different technology named FUSE. However, we’re still working on it. We released a first 1.4.0-beta recently and you could give it a try but I’d like to give you a heads up that it’s beta software:

Hey, thank you for the answer :slight_smile: