Cryptomator CLI on Windows

Can anyone please give me a simple example on how to use Cryptomator CLI to decrypt a vault and mount it to a drive on Windows ? I tried but got stuck at this line : [main] INFO org.cryptomator.cli.CryptomatorCli - Press Ctrl+C to terminate.


Google is, as always, your friend and does not take more time than writing a question to the community:slight_smile:

java -jar cryptomator-cli-x.y.z.jar
–vault demoVault=/path/to/vault --password demoVault=topSecret
–vault otherVault=/path/to/differentVault --passwordfile otherVault=/path/to/fileWithPassword
–vault thirdVault=/path/to/thirdVault
–bind --port 8080

You can now mount http://localhost:8080/demoVault/
The password for the third vault is read from stdin
Be aware that passing the password on the command-line typically makes

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