Cryptomator android / locate opened vault


I just installed cryptomator on android. I use an app that requires a file in my cryptomator vault. Where is located my opened vault (Vault opened via cryptomator) ? I can’t locate it using my file manager in android…

Thank you.

This is not how crytomator for android works.
If you want to provide a file from your vault to an other app, you have to open your vault and push the file via the share button to the app. If you want to safe a file to Cryptomator vault it’s the same. Push it via the share putting to the Cryptomator app.

There is are no „local opened vault files“ which would mean the vault files were stored decrypted on your phone.


Ok, thank you, I understand. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for the app keepass2android. I store a asc key in Cryptomator and when I want to unlock my keepass database using Keepass2android it asks for the asc file. So I have no way to provide this file, the asc key, to Keepass2android, unless I export first the asc file in my phone…

You can open Cryptomator, and click on the .asc file. You can then select open with Keepass2Android. But be aware that Keepass2Android have currently just read access to this shared file. Every change will not be propagated into the cloud (this will change in the near future). If you export the file and upload it again all changes are up to date but this isn’t that convenient.

Hint: It doesn’t make that much sense to encrypt the Keepass file twice, once with Cryptomator and once with Keepass itself.