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@SailReal I am very much impressed with cryptomator but the worst part is cost of android app. I am from India and the cost of app is 800 Indian Rupees which is very high. I am a dev and had created few apps and i respect developers of cryptomator and i wish to pay. I would have paid if it was small amount. My requirement is only to encrypt local storage i dont want the cloud sync feature so if you create multiple plans or make a free version app with local storage encryption only then that would be great. So this was my suggestion.

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Thanks for your input. It’s really annoying and sad that the amount for the app is simply converted one-to-one to the corresponding local currency but not adjusted to the actual value behind the money. 10$ is not the same everywhere but that’s how Google, Apple and co. do the math and do not give really a chance to adjust it in a meaningful way.

Since you write that you develop apps yourself and contributions are at least as important to us, would you like to implement something? Of course for a license and a lot of glory from our Cryptomator users.

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I am not a senior Dev just a small Dev. I have seen this repo. Already cloned this to android studio. Project is running successfully. Do you have any temporary license for running the project or anything like that ?
Also just a thought. I hope you had used keepass so integrating features of keepass would be a great feature for users. so people do not need to use multiple apps.

Just sent you a direct message :slightly_smiling_face:

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Received your message