Cryptomator Android App accessing my cloud storage


in order to open my Cryptomator vaults on Google drive and Pcloud I need to give the Cryptomator App access to my accounts.

Is this secure? What can the app do in my accounts?


Its up to you and the possibilities of your storage provider, which rights you want to grant cryptomator for your online storage. Or if you are able to set up various connection accounts with different folder right… Some providers allow the setup of folder based rights per connection, some (most) don’t.
However, Cryptomator Mobile needs read/write/delete permissions on the vault files to work (obviously).

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Yeah, but is it safe in general? Does the Cryptomator App read out data?

Of course it does. The vault files.
No, all other files cryptomator does not care about :slight_smile:

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You need to feel comfortable with and trust the application that connects your phone to your cloud provider. I’m not aware of any security violations related to granting Cryptomator software access to your Google drive.

If you would like to explore other options there is a multi cloud provider program available for Android that I use in conjunction with cryptomator. It supports many cloud providers.You may have a cloud provider that cryptomator does not directly support so this is a way to access those cloud locations with cryptomator.

The Android app is a wrapper for the program called Rclone. Rclone is open source and very trustworthy. This software on Windows Linux and Mac can access over 40 different cloud providers. Many of those are also available on Android.

The base app, which runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac is called Rclone.

For Android, there is a Github repository where the Android version of Rclone is developed and released. It’s called Round-Sync.

You can give your Android permission to access the files in the round sync cloud mount point. Round-sync will ask for permission to access Google Drive, just as it needs to.

Cryptomator for Android can see and access cloud accounts mounted in Round-sync.

Downloading files using Cryptomator + RoundSync seems to work for me, but I can’t upload files using Cryptomator to the remote - it always shows me an error message.