Cryptomator Andorid app blocked on company network

I am running a Cryptomator vault inside of Dropbox. I am also running the Android app (version 1.3.2).

When I try to open the vault on my mobile phone, when on my company’s WiFi, after prompting me for the password it gets stuck on “Please wait…”.
The normal Dropbox app works fine.
The Cryptomator Android app works fine on 4G LTE, and on my WiFi at home.

So my question is, what’s being blocked by my company? Or what access to the internet is needed for Cryptomator to work on Andorid?

it is odd although i haven’t tested to trace what URLs cryptomator for android connects.
Although you can use VPN as a workaround but it isn’t the true answer and is just a workaround :slight_smile: