Cryptomator and WebDAV on iPadOS: E2EE guaranteed?

I use Cryptomator with iPadOS 16 to encrypt my data in the cloud. My cloud is not iCloud, OneDrive or similar, but the German provider I set up a connection with WebDAV like this:

[1] Launch Cryptomator app on Ipad [2] Left column “Vaults”, select “+” icon [3] “Open existing vault” [4] Select “WebDAV” [5] Select “+”, “” and enter “Username” and “Password” [6] Select directory on mailbox drive where vault is located and select vault.cryptomator there [7] Save [8] In “Files” app on iPad, access and unlock Cryptomator vault.

My question: By accessing the cloud directly via webdav (without a sync tool or similar), have I inadvertently broken cryptomator’s end-to-end encryption? Are the files in the cloud and on the way to my iPad and back securely encrypted?

As the only way to decrypt your files is with cryptomator, and as the app runs local on your device, yes, a cryptomator vault is always e2e encrypted.