Cryptomator and Google Drive?

How realistic is it to use Cryptomator with Google Drive?
Presumably this is unworkable without some kind of client app like Insync on Linux?

You can use a simple Linux tool called Rclone to Mount Your Google drive to a folder in Linux and then put your Vault there.

Depending on your Linux distro it might be available in your default Repository. It is in debian.

If not the rclone website download page has a simple script that you run on your Linux machine and it installs rclone for you.

Be sure to use the --vfs-cache-mode full flag.

Also, there is on GitHub an app called rclone browser that makes it a little bit easier to use rclone because it is a GUI.

After the software is installed:

rclone config

and choose new remote.
Choose Google drive as the type of remote

It will walk you through the steps to authenticate and Grant permission to access your Google Drive.

When done you should be able to issue the command

rclone ls google_remote: and it should list all of your files and folders.

Next create a folder that you want to use to mount Google Drive such as Google.

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full google_remote: Google_folder

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Thank you for your very comprehensive reply. I’ll try Rclone.

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