Cryptomator and Google drive (G suite)

I’m using the google drive (G suite) provided by my company and when I try to add a new vault and option to store the encrypted file under the Google Drive folder, it occured errors. Only the onedrive could be identified. Does anybody know why and how to figure it out?

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:

To look into the issue, you need to provide more info. For the start, does the problem appear in the desktop application or with the mobile app? What OS (Windows, iOS, etc.) are you using? And what does the error say?

I have the same problem with the mobile app. I cannot access or create any safe in G Suite, but I am able to do it in my personal GDrive or in OneDrive.

Actually, in the first case the app seems unable to recover my directory tree in G Suite.