Cryptomator and Foldersync to backup files

Hi all,
I’m considering to buy Cryptomator Android app,
but before I need to know if it can do what I need.
I’d like to encrypt the photos I take with my phone before uploading them to the cloud;
now, I can copy photos from DCIM local folder to Gdrive using Foldersync: but Foldersync wouldn’t encrypt them before uploading.
Do you think there’s a way to do this combining Foldersync and Cryptomator ?
Foldersync can write also to a local folder, but there’s a way to make Cryptomator encrypt this folder, in a scheduled way ?
Thanks in advance…

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You can not use Foldersync in combination with cryptomator on your android device. As far as I know, foldersync does not push images to other apps, only to other locations. As cryptomator for Android does not encrypt local locations like the desktop version does, I don’t see a way to set up the exact process you Want with a direct sync at the android device.

But I read that foldersync can sync your android files with a desktop location.
So I guess this Setup might work. You should try it before purchasing the cryptomator android app:

  1. install cryptomator 1.4 on your desktop
  2. create a vault that is stored at a local folder that is synced to an online storage (eG gdrive, Dropbox, etc)
  3. change the settings of the vault. You should enable Dokany to enable a drive that is not assumed as a network drive by windows), and you should define a drive letter that does not change so foldersync job can find the location.
  4. be sure that the vault is open.
  5. Setup a foldersync Job that will Sync you Android files to you pc and select the new drive letter of your vault as destination.
  6. Start you Storage Provider Sync Client and watch your files being synced to online storage (gdrive sync, etc)

If this is working, then you can consider to buy the android cryptomator app to access you encrypted online files directly from the android device.

Many thanks Michael,
for your quick and detailed answer.
But the android app Foldersync cannot have a PC local drive as a destination, but only: 1) an Android local folder 2) a cloud account like Gdrive, One Drive, etc
So the point 5 of your list cannot be done by FolderSync.
But this post:
doesn’t mean that Cryptomator can now encrypt local Android locations ?

Im sorry. Seems that the German website is not accurate where I had my Infos from. I read the original website and there theiy make clear that you are right and there is no sync from android to a PC.

So my steps will not work.

As far as I know, the android app does not allow to encrypt local on the android device.

Is is so sad, so sad… the only thing I want from Cryptomator is exactly what @william1 wants to achieve here… is there still no solution for this? Is it still not possible to make cryptomator and foldersync work in combination or to implement the functionality of foldersync to cryptomator natively?

I just don’t understand why not hundreds of people want exactly this solution… many many files are created as source from my smartphone (photos, videos, etc) and of course I want to have them in sync to my desktop and to the cloud and of course in a very secure, encrypted way. This is the only solution to reduce effort for backup, manual syncing, etc. pp drastically, while still being always secure and encrypted without spies being able to watch your data. But obviously neither cryptomator nor Boxcryptor care about this. I just don’t understand why? This is the most important feature ever.

I waited like 5-7 years before my decision to finally buy 1TB of cloud storage with a office 365 family subscription because I thought after that long period there will be a perfect and safe way to always have a cloud backup, fully encrypted of course and to have synchronized local copies of everything on every device at the same time - ultimately granting the experience I could dream about the last 20 years when doing annoying manual backups to HDDs and synchronization jobs, etc pp…
And now I have to find out that in the year of 2022 this is still not possible? I am really struck by this information. :sob:

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