Cryptomator and Fedora w/ unusual places for Cryptomator

Hi guys and girls, I’m a newby in this environment… I have a problem with the usage of Cryptomator I didn’t have before.

I have Cryptomator 1.12.3 (flatpak-1) installed, w/ volumetype FUSE.
Working with Fedora Workstation Linux 40 in a native environment (no virtual machine), trying to make use of Cryptomator with vaults in different places (on server disks connected to the system), I find myself hindered by the fact that Cryptomator doesn’t accept my locations anymore.
For instance, I want to be able to use /server1/ etc. This worked fine w/ Fedora 39 and before…
So I think I have a problem with the propagation of my favourite locations on the system (available in GNOME Files 46.1).
Or, is this a Fedora issue?


Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

See Unable to mount from external or network drive · Issue #16 · flathub/org.cryptomator.Cryptomator · GitHub for further information.

Thank you! That works fine for me.
The AppImage-variant (on Endeavour Linux) shows a network component that can be used to connect to a specific Vault (temporarily?)