Cryptomator 2 Vault on WebDAV is not working

My vault is on a Synology. In the new Cryptomator 2 app I connect the location via WebDAV. I can set up everything but in the files app it shows “content not available”. The synology has it’s own certificate and I use https, the dialog to trust the certificate appears and is accepted. WebDAV via http does not work either. A newly created vault via the app on the WebDAV does not work either. Vaults on the device itself or in iCloud show no problems. Seems to be a connection with WebDAV. Tested on iPhone and iPad with iOS 15.2.

It would help us if you could send us the log file, see:

You can send it to

FYI: I am also connecting with WebDAV to 2 servers. Both without any problems. So seems not a general WebDAV issue.

The mail with the log has just been sent.

Is it then perhaps due to the self-signed certificate? There are always SSL errors in the log.

If I connect the Synology in the Files app of iOS with the “Connect Server” function and then select “other location” in Cryptomator, the vault is loaded and displayed.

Yes, it looks like that the App Store version behaves differently. We actually tested self-signed certificates and HTTP connections (even with TestFlight) but I already have an idea why it’s failing. We’ll fix this with the next update (Edit: or the update after that because we already have an update waiting for review by Apple in the pipeline).

Opened an issue here: