Cryptomator 2 ios no icon on file app

So, while I was testing out cryptomator 2 iOS before deciding to purchase it (current Boxcryptor Personal user), i discovered there is no icon for cryptomator entry on File app.

iOS 6.2/ Cryptomator iOS 2.4.3(1038)

Restarting my phone / reinstalling cryptomator 2 don’t help

The cryptomator is on read-only mode as i had activated the trial version months ago when you guys first shipped 2.0. So the only way i can test again is via read-only mode.

Any hint?

Thank you

You have to enable Cryptomator in files app.
See documentation here: Working with Vaults — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation

Thanks for the reply Michael. It was already enabled from file app.
I should perhaps rephrase my initial sentence . The cryptomator entry is there, but it’s with white blank logo. I could access my files on cryptomator vault.

Sorry, I should have paid more attention to your screenshot.
Question, just to be sure: you have vaults added in the cryptomator app?

No worries !

Yes, I added the vault from the cryptomator 2 app after installed it. My vault is on box storage via WebDAV.
It’s weird that logo seems missing from the file app. On the app itself the logo is fine .

So far, I haven’t encountered any issue accessing the data from my added vault . Only aesthetics part on the missing logo in the file app.

It’s weird indeed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any similar cases and I don’t have other suggestions but ultimately it may be a rare bug by Apple.

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Yeah, i tried reinstalling, rebooting and etc. didn’t help.
I will probably give my iPhone a factory reset later today , kind of think it will help fixing this issue.

The missing logo doesn’t stop crytomator from functioning properly, just an eyesore :unamused:

If you have not done the factory reset yet, I would kindly ask you to wait (unless there are other reasons apart from the missing Cryptomator icon). It would be super valuable for us (and maybe also for Apple) to get detailed system dumps. I guess that’s the only way to trace down this issue.

Hey, unfortunately it’s too late. i did the factory reset yesterday and it fixed the issue. i didn’t see any issue aside from the missing icon. before i fs, i tried attaching variety of diff cloud storage(s) i have and it worked smoothly.