Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS: Open Source and Beta Release

You guys are awesome!

The iOS app starts to be useful for me!

One question: how can I download data in cryptomator for offline use?

Each time I open the app, I have to re download the vault from Dropbox.

In Dropbox app, I marked the vault for offline use, but when there is no internet, Files App shows an error: this folder is not available.

That’s not possible yet but we’ll look into it during the beta. We already laid the groundwork for that but just haven’t tested/implemented it explicitly.

Thanks for the update!

It’s great to have this feature. It makes no sense to constantly download the same data (especially over cellular), each time you access that data.

Nextcloud has such feature.

Is there a possibility to “lock” a Vault within the Files App?
It looks like that the Vault is always unlocked.

For sure my Devices are protected with Code/Finger/Face, but I feel uncomfortable when my Vaults are unlocked within the Files App.


Not yet. But it will come very soon, this is currently our roadmap for the next update:

  • Unlock via Touch ID / Face ID
  • (Manual) Lock
  • Auto-Lock (Edit: Postponed to later version)

quick bug in beta version:

I have a file in a vault. I can open it in desktop app and on iOS cryptomator 1.6. On 2.0, I can see only file name , but it’s gray and I can’t open it. Clearly a bug in 2.0.

Please write a bug report so that we can have a look, thank you!

I got Cryptomator 2.0.0 (502) via Testflight on iOS and am stuck in an endless circle. I start Cryptomator 2.0.0, select “Anderer Datei-Anbieter”, “Tresorordner auswählen” and choose an existing Cryptomator folder in my iCloud Drive, provide the password and see screen1. The vault is locked, but I do not see any possibility to unlock the vault. The only option is to choose ‘App “Dateien” öffnen’. That leads to screen2. When choosing “Authenticate”, I get this screen. “Cryptomator öffnen” brings me back to screen1.
Either I am missing something or it might be related to having installed an iOS beta version on my iPhone (15.0 19A5318f).

Up until here, it actually looks as expected.

This is actually unexpected, it should show an “unlock” screen.

Could you please go the Cryptomator settings and tap “Send Log File”? E.g., you can send it to me via a direct message or post all information as a bug report.

Just wanted to add, that I see the same behavior on the latest iPadOS 15 Beta. Happy to send logs, should you still need them.

Super happy with this :slight_smile:

All my office files are opened n “read-only” mode.

How can I edit them from the file explorer, ie, not read-only mode?


@hoehenunterschied @stephan1 Just wanted to let you know that this should be fixed now with the latest version. It was indeed a bug on iOS 15.

@rgallego Do you have the Office apps installed? Should work with them. :slight_smile:

@tobihagemann yes I do… I have all the office apps installed. The files open fine but I just cant edit them unless I make a copy.


Re-added my vault and all is looking better. The first time the file is downloaded it will be in read-only mode. But if I close Word or Excel and open again it will work.

I can live with that :slight_smile:

Mega thanks!

One question about the iOS Version in general, does Cryptomator store the key file also in the cloud? Or is it always only on the device? Means, even if someone would have access to the cloud AND has the password, decryption is impossible?

The encrypted masterkey file is stored in the cloud: Why is the masterkey stored in the cloud?

Means, even if someone would have access to the cloud AND has the password, decryption is impossible?

No, if someone has access to the cloud and has the password, decryption is possible. That’s basically the “normal” use case for using Cryptomator on multiple devices.

That’s a bit a pity, as there are solutions to synchronize the apps without the key file in the cloud, but thank you for answering. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keeping the key in the cloud has zero impact on attacks, provided that your password is strong. It’s encrypted.

It’s not pity.

That’s 100% clear. Anyway the protection is completely lost even with the strongest password if it’s captured on a whatever attack.

If your device is compromised, e2ee is pointless in the first place.

Cryptomator’s security target is all about using an untrusted storage space with trusted devices.