Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS: Open Source and Beta Release

Super happy with this :slight_smile:

All my office files are opened n “read-only” mode.

How can I edit them from the file explorer, ie, not read-only mode?


@hoehenunterschied @stephan1 Just wanted to let you know that this should be fixed now with the latest version. It was indeed a bug on iOS 15.

@rgallego Do you have the Office apps installed? Should work with them. :slight_smile:

@tobihagemann yes I do… I have all the office apps installed. The files open fine but I just cant edit them unless I make a copy.


Re-added my vault and all is looking better. The first time the file is downloaded it will be in read-only mode. But if I close Word or Excel and open again it will work.

I can live with that :slight_smile:

Mega thanks!

One question about the iOS Version in general, does Cryptomator store the key file also in the cloud? Or is it always only on the device? Means, even if someone would have access to the cloud AND has the password, decryption is impossible?

The encrypted masterkey file is stored in the cloud: Why is the masterkey stored in the cloud?

Means, even if someone would have access to the cloud AND has the password, decryption is impossible?

No, if someone has access to the cloud and has the password, decryption is possible. That’s basically the “normal” use case for using Cryptomator on multiple devices.

That’s a bit a pity, as there are solutions to synchronize the apps without the key file in the cloud, but thank you for answering. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keeping the key in the cloud has zero impact on attacks, provided that your password is strong. It’s encrypted.

It’s not pity.

That’s 100% clear. Anyway the protection is completely lost even with the strongest password if it’s captured on a whatever attack.

If your device is compromised, e2ee is pointless in the first place.

Cryptomator’s security target is all about using an untrusted storage space with trusted devices.

Hi guys, fantastic work!
I’m currently testing v2.0.0(451) on iOS 15.0.2
The user experience has significantly improved, great job on that. New features like google drive apps integration are awesome, however, I noticed some small probably just UX issues there:
I added a vault for google drive with the following steps:

  1. Tab the plus button.
  2. choose Create New Vault.
  3. select Google Drive & complete google auth.
  4. select Create New Folder.
  5. choose
  6. create new password & create
  7. confirm the confirmation prompt.
    The screen gets stuck at step 7 for sometime probably creating the vault on google drive and then eventually it moves forward. Not a big deal but it’d be nice to display a spinner or something similar to let the user know they should wait. Everything else was flaw less here :+1:

Then the next thing I tested was creating a vault using Other File Providers feature.
When you tab Select Storage Location, only iCloud Drive and On My iPhone options are selectable. I’m not sure if it’s something to do with permissions from the file providers or iOS itself but I checked the settings everywhere and didn’t find a clue. I wish there was a way to effectively choose the storage location from file list of providers. It can also be totally me not using the app properly, please correct me if that’s the case.

Here is an image about storage locations and as you see only local iOS storage and iCloud Drive are selectable.

Still testing the other aspects such as accessibility and encryption.

Regarding my statement about accessing file providers, I’ve tested the same feature using other apps and there was no problems accessing those file providers listed in the image above, that means it probably is possible to do the same in Cryptomator.

The difference is: We need access to folders and not files (as in other apps you’ve probably tested). Technical discussion is here:

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I’m very excited about Cryptomator 2.0. Is there an expected release date yet?

Not yet. We’re aiming for this year though. :crossed_fingers:


Sorry to ask if that question has already been asked. I saw that when I open a picture from my Vault in the Files App, it - logically - downloads. But when I locked and unlocked my vault again, the cloud symbol on the picture was still gone and I could still see the preview, meaning the picture was still locally on my iPhone even when my vault was locked. This seems like a huge security issue to me. Can you tell me where files that I open are downloaded to? How is the encryption ensured when it’s downloaded? And why is my file still stored locally when I lock my vault? Or am I misunderstanding something?

We are restricted by the technical implications and limitations of the File Provider. Indeed, the downloaded and decrypted files are then locally cached (in the app’s sandbox). Btw, you can always clear the cache in the Cryptomator app.

When thinking about Cryptomator’s security target, this is not a huge security issue:

In addition, you have to keep in mind what Cryptomator is not. Protection of the files on the local computer is not the focus of Cryptomator.

Of course, it’s still the goal of Cryptomator to restrict the access of decrypted content as much as possible so that they don’t accidentally leak.

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Just opened a feature request that might be useful:


I cannot verbally express how cool you guys are. Not only did you answer really quickly but you also opened a feature request. Thanks!

It would be a great feature to add an option for auto upload of taken pictures. :wink: