Cryptomator 2.0 and iCloud Files

Hi, all.

I’m new to Cryptomator. I recently downloaded 2.0 on my iPhone and set up a new vault/pw via iCloud.

My issue is: Whenever I add stuff directly into Files (the phone’s iCloud folder) and into the Cryptomator folder, nothing shows up when I open the actual Cryptomator app and look inside my vault.

I tried the reverse - where I added a photo into my vault directly through the Cryptomator app, and the photo didn’t show up in the Cryptomator folder inside iCloud’s Files app.

Am I using Cryptomator incorrectly? When I add stuff to my vault, should I access the vault via the Cryptomator app instead of iCloud?

Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

Not sure if I understood you correctly but you may have to enable Cryptomator in the Files app, see: Working with Vaults — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation

Access your vaults via the Cryptomator location in the Files app. If you add files to the iCloud Drive location inside the vault folder, they don’t get encrypted.

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I think that might do it. I appreciate your help!

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