Cryptomator 1: Legacy

iCloud states that my vault is Cryptomatot 1: Legacy. Why is that? I don’t use FUSE.

I assume you are talking about the mobile app.
There is an old (legacy) Version 1, and a new Version 2.

If you bought the old version 1 you can switch to the new version 2 for free.

I created my vault on macOS with a current version of Cryptomator.
But this shows up if I check iCloud (e.g., on iOS):

Im sorry, I do not understand your problem.
Maybe you can describe what you are doing, and what you are expecting that should happen, and what happens instead.
What I can say is that there are 2 Versions of cryptomator for iOS.
Version one (red frame) is an old legacy version that is only available for historical purposes and will be deleted in the near future (Cryptomator legacy), and the up to date version of cryptomator (green frame).

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Okay, so I created a vault on macOS. There, I use an up to date version of Cryptomator. Now, I just checked iCloud on iOS (without having Cryptomator installed). And it says “version 1 (legacy)”.

I’m just curious as to why the current version on macOS would store data in a legacy format.

What changed between version 1 and 2?

You may not have “Cryptomator 1: Legacy” installed on your iOS right now but you’re still using the old iCloud container from that app.

In the new Cryptomator version 2 for iOS, there is no need for an iCloud container anymore and you can create vaults in any location at iCloud Drive.

This wasn’t possible in the past due to the lacking integration of Cryptomator into Apple’s Files app. That’s why there was this “workaround” with its own iCloud container.

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