Cryptomator 1.8.0 for Android

As you may have already noticed, we released Cryptomator 1.8.0 for Android last month! It contains a lot of internal changes, a bunch of new features, and some bug fixes.

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i think the most important first thing for android version is the

document provider handling.

nothing else is important.


I only registered here to emphasize the need of document provider handling.
Thanks, @ccchan .


I have also registered just to BEG that you finally release document provider handling for Android.

We’ve been waiting for 6 years now… I personally expected this feature when I purchased the app in the first place, something I wouldn’t have done had I known.

I love Cryptomator, but am having a hard time understanding how you could prioritize design updates over this.


I can only agree to the previous members.

Please provide a reliable release date or app version.

Cryptomator is an essential tool for my personal digital life.

Keep up the good work!



i am a poor person.

just wanna ask,

did the iOS version have “document provider” issue? too

or is it only suck with android?

really want to know, thanks


Cool, cool. When can we finally expect the document provider handling, though :c


Hello and thank you for keeping up the work on Cryptomator.

But I also have to admit that I find it hard to believe that you prioritise design updates over a long requested and promised integration of the content provider into the android app.

I really like Cryptomator and see it as an important tool for my digital life. So please think about giving it high priority for the next release or give us a timeline when we can expect it.

Thank you

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let me say:

  1. indeep desktop ctmt works well, just like competitors like cppcfs. they both do very well with the (now) winfsp or dokany

  2. ONLY ctmt is available on android. although it is handicapped, the other competitors simply say “no/cant/dont want to arm race /w google” etc.

so android users sucks.

so i was asking are iOS users also sucking.

looks like NO real good solution so i wont be angry with ctmt.

last time i checked the now gone boxcryptor, their document provider also sucks, only partial function. i wont expect ctmt’s product will be better/way better than that.

that’s it.

ps: that’s why i got a windows tablet.
and tell you: android is for phone, if you try to use as a computer and it doesn’t work well, it’s YOUR fault.