Cryptomator 1.7.0: What You Need to Know

If you’re subscribed to our releases on GitHub, this is already old news for you: We have released the first beta of the upcoming Cryptomator 1.7.0! It contains a lot of internal changes and a bunch of new features, some of which are almost as old as Cryptomator itself.

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Hoooly carp, Locate Encrypted File is a game changer! I finally finally FINALLY can set the right folders on OneDrive to always be in my computer while keeping the huge ones on the cloud. THANK YOU!

“locate encrypted file” is a great extension, you could also extend it with “locate dectypted file” in future versions.


how much faster is AES-GCM? Is it worth re-encrypting the vault?

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I looked at the speed of encryption and decryption (windows desktop app 1.7, FUSE), in fact I could see a significant speedup with the new beta version in an existing vault.

What I don’t understand: I noticed a slowdown in a newly created vault, I created 1 GB files with random content and tried it several times, encrypting and decrypting in an existing vault was faster than with the 1.6.17 version , but again it was noticeably slower in the new vault, roughly the same as with the 1.6.17 version.

“locate encrypted file” to not work in my win10 system, not with beta1 and also not with beta2.

I just downloaded the 1.7.0-beta3 from GitHub for Mac (M1 ARM). I would like to test the new volume type FUSE-T. But this type does not appear in the settings. Only possibilities: WebDAV (Apple Script) and WebDAV (HTTP Adress):

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Are any other settings necessary to be able to use the new volume type?

You have to download and install FUSE-T from its home page:

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Thank you very much. Now I can choose FUSE-T. :blush: