Cryptomator 1.6.7 Release: Major Changes on Windows

Hello Community!

The last blog post is already a while ago. We hope you’re all doing fine. Cryptomator 1.6.7 for Desktop is out now and let’s explore the changes together since it’s more than just a “patch”! The update contains some noteworthy changes, especially for Windows users.

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Well we are not doing great with any of new updates since cryptomator stopped working on windows servers.

So I’m being told (by CM) I need to uninstall WinFsp to continue. Is this the expected behavior? When I attempt to uninstall I get another message saying at least one app could stop working. Do I proceed or no?

and now when I try and access my vault I get an error message!!!

After upgrading from 1.6.5 to 1.6.8, my vault wouldn’t open. I went to the Cryptomator Settings Icon > Virtual Drive > Volume Type, and changed it from Dokany to FUSE. They switched the default installer from using the Dokan Library to WinFsp (which is a FUSE library).

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