Cryptomator 1.5.5 using Win7 files timestamps reset to current time


I know that Win7 ist not officially supported and my main machine is using Win10 which works fine with Cryptomator, so maybe you will just ignore this.

Today I updated from 1.4.x to 1.5.5 and after the successfull migration I noticed that all newly copied files will now have the current time as timestamps on Win7.

On Win10 all works fine, also the migration to the new format on Win7 hat no problems, it’s just for new files.

Can you please check if you are running the latest dokany version on your win7 machine?
If yes, does switching the volume type in the Cryptomator setting has an effect on this?

I installed Dokany v1.3.1.1000 manually (which was the latest version until 1.4 was released an hour ago :sweat_smile:). Cryptomator itself came with Dokany v1.3.0.1000.

Had the problem with both 1.3.x.x versions. I could test it with 1.4 and/or WebDAV in the next days, I’m currently not on the Win7 machine.

Should I update to Dokany 1.4 on the fully working Win10 machine or is it more secure to wait until Cryptomator comes with the new version bundled?

Hello again,

today I had the chance to use the Win7 machine again. I installed the new Dokany 1.4 version - same problem as with 1.3.

Switching to WebDAV seems to solve the problem. So the problem ist something between Cryptomator 1.5 and Dokany.

I think WebDAV is fine for the temporary use until the Win7 machine gets an update :+1: