Cryptomator 1.4 - Problems with Reveal Drive

Hi guys,

I have newly installed version 1.4.0.

  • Checking Reveal Drive under More Options does not reveal the drive automatically like it used to…Instead, my whole system becomes very sluggish to the point that I cannot open new applications although I can barely work with ones that are already open. This process continues for approximately 2 minutes before Cryptomator comes back with ‘Command Failed’.
  • Clicking Reveal Drive manually works but same problem as above - an unresponsive system for 2 minutes until finally Windows Explorer opens at my vault.
  • Attempting to close the Cryptomator window (and minimize to the system tray) results in Cryptomator giving me the option of a Force Shutdown or Try Again (the latter doing nothing of course). As a result, I have to execute a Forced Shutdown. However, even this bug itself is only present inconsistently.

I can circumvent these problems by just opening Windows Explorer manually once the vault has been unlocked but it would be nice if these bugs were fixed.

I am not using Auto-Unlock.
I am using Dokany.
I am creating these vaults on a local hard disk.
I am running Windows 7 SP1 64-bit on a 16Gb Intel i5 system.
I did not have any of these problems when running version 1.2.3 previously.