Cryptomator 1.4.15 and Sanitizer v0.16

Hi Everyone.

I created a brand new vault that is about 500GB+. I immediately ran Sanitizer after encryption to check vault integrity (check -vault Z:<vault name>\ -deep). I received “5,490 INFO” in the output text file. They are either EmptyEncryptedFile in the “d” directories or OrphanMFile in the “m” directories.

What are these and how do I fix?

Theres an option in sanitizer to “deleteorphanMfiles”. Personally i’d just leave them alone, its only INFO not warnings. the M folder is depreciated in 1.5.0+ so the M directory will delete itself after migration to the newer vault format.

I want to make sure my data is in tact. Can I ignore these errors and still expect my vault to be PERFECT?

Yeah, we still haven’t documented this properly but coincidentally, I described these two info messages in another post:

Thank you this is useful information