CryptoMator 1.4.0: Problems with FreeFileSync

Hello Everyone,

since Version 1.4.0 I have problems in combination with FreeFileSync.

When starting my SyncJob (sync between a folder on a normal, local partition and a CryptoMator Drive Letter), FreeFileSync wants to copy files to the CryptoMator Drive which are already there! The Hashsum and metadata of the files are exactly the same.

I never had this problem in prior versions of CryptoMator. Strange thing is, that when I compare the two directories 3 or 4 times with FreeFileSync, there are always different files which can not be found on the CryptoMator Drive.

The problem can sometimes be fixed when waiting a few minutes, but that’s not a real solution.

Do you have an idea about this?


Please see Guthub Issue #759
Switch to WebDAV as network adapter.