Cryptomator 1.10.0 Release

We’re happy to announce the release of Cryptomator 1.10.0. 🎉 Let’s dive into what this new release has to offer!

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Hey and Yay! Thanks a lot.

I was wondering if there’s a .deb file?

Thanks a lot!

I’m not sure why it went missing but it should be there now! Thank you for pointing this out! :smile:

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Super! And finally the tray icon in Mint Cinnamon is looking fine and no more quitting by accident on right clicks. Love it!

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What is the valid lowest safe value for the “maximum length of encrypted file names” setting? Can it be e.g. 50 or even lower or will that create file name “collisions” of some sort?

The lowest value possible is 36. Lower doesn’t make much sense because name shortening has a certain length as well and very short encrypted names are even shorter than that.

Name shortening doesn’t create file name collisions or anything like that, but it has an added complexity. To give you an example, let’s encrypt the filename /WELCOME.rtf.

Without name shortening, it looks like this:


With name shortening, it looks like this:


As you can see, for name shortening, we need two files. One with the actual content and one with the name, which includes the long name after decryption.


Thanks a lot for providing aarch64 support! I appreciate that very much.