Cryptomator 1.0 for Android Release


Today, we are glad to announce the release of Cryptomator 1.0 for Android. :tada: Finally, you can protect your cloud files also on Android devices. The app is naturally fully compatible to the desktop and iOS versions of Cryptomator.

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Thank you for using a fair price and not making it an IAP, so that way I can share it with my family who doesn’t care about crypto.


I think this is terrible decision to make the app paid. It makes no sense, it’s open source, isn’t it? So essentially we’re paying for automatic updates (which should be free, as security is concerned)?

Besides, people can always donate after getting free app, and some would probably give more than those 5$, and you wouldn’t lock down those who, for example, won’t/can’t add payment method to Google Play. And what about those who have already donated to Cryptomator and now just want to download an app?

Please reconsider this. It really made the app much less trustworthy for me.


I totally disagree. Open source does not mean “everything for free”. Feel free to grab the code and transform it into an app for your phone. Your not able to do it (I am not)? So others will do it for you. You don’t want to care for updates and further development? Others will do for you. There are people spending their time for this project. It’s fair to pay this little amount of money. Just skip the next beer in the bar and you’re done.
This has nothing to do with “trustworthy”.
(My opinion)


I’d pay for it if it were really open source. Since this is not the case at the moment, it is not an option for me.

Please publish at least the core application as Open Source. Maybe only with WEBDAV? I’d buy it for Google Drive anyway. But only if it’s open!


It’s not about the price (which is 4 beers in my country by the way), it’s about the fact of payment.

What if someone has no payment method to add to Google Play (wrong card type for example)? By the way, all open source and privacy fans are so eager to give credit card info to Google?

What if someone has already donated $5 and doesn’t want to make another donation? Because this feels like forcing a donation… And what if someone wants to donate $10? Two payments would be required.

Last but not least, if you’d rely on the beta app, you could now stand in front of locked door, and they promised it would never happen. You probably shouldn’t rely on beta app (what if you don’t realize), and you probably have access to non-Android device (what if you don’t), but just the fact that they made such step makes you think if they won’t pull something like that in the future - that’s what I mean with ‘trustworthy’.


Those are really, realy good points Another_App_User

What a cheap move by Cryptomator, maybe they will reconsider if they realize what they’ve done.