Cryptomater won't let me copy or edit my files on One Drive

I put the encryption program cryptomater on my One Cloud and I have a file masterkey.cryptomater in a document folder there. Now I have no editing or deleting or downloading abilities of any of my pictures, videos, or documents there. I want to uninstall it.
Also, I noticed that I don’t have the program installed on my computer. I just wanted it as a security feature for my One Drive files, now I cant copy them or delete them. I want to uninstall the program.
WIN XP SP3, Firefox 52 browser

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Well, I’m wondering how you want to enable a file encryption for OneDrive, without having a Software on your computer that actually performs this encryption.

But ok.
I assume you now have all your OneDrive Files encrypted.
So if you don’t want to use cryptomator, you’ll have to decrypt your files first.
Start crptomator, Open your vault, goto the new WebDAV network drive (where you can see all your decrypted files), copy all the files into your local OneDrive sync folder, (but not in the folder that is named like your vault, which contains the masterkey files, because we will later on delete this folder. )
Wait until OneDrive sync app has finished its sync process.
Now you’ll see all your files decrypted when you open OneDrive with your browser (as they are now saved online without encryption.

If everything looks good for you, goto your local Onedrive folder that is named like the vault you see in the cryptomator software. In this is folder you’ll see the master key file. In this folder you’ll see also 2 folders named „d“ and „m“. Delete the folder that is named like you vault.
This will delete your vault and all encrypted files from OneDrive.
After that just deinstall cryptomator.

Well, if you did, you would see that your post has nothing to do with the question he’s asking.

It does matter because it’s then offtopic. I ask you to stay in topic in posts. Thank you.

The problem you are describing does have nothing to do with Cryptomator. Cryptomator will and can not affect the ability to edit other files stored in the cloud. The sole thing it does is created encrypted files on your local computer. Even upload is done by the OneDrive program. Any other files will not be affected due to Cryptomator. I guess the problems you experience originate from another source.

In addition I am not sure how you could use Cryptomator without installing it first. Did you use the Jar-Version? In this case you only have to delete the jar-File, not installation / deinstallation required. In addition you report that you are using WIndows XP. Cryptomator is not designed to and does not work on Windows XP.

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