Cryptomater 2 consumes battery even when not running

Cryptomator 2 consumes battery whilst in the background. This is even after both Cryptomator 2 and Files have been stopped - that surprises me. This is an example during the night when the iPhone is not being used.

How do I stop Cryptomator when I am not using it. And if I can’t stop it (without uninstalling) then that is a problem.

Hi. Your screenshot shows activity time but not battery usage. How much battery usage do you have? Mine is below 1% in the last 24h despite having several vaults unlocked the whole time.

Activity consume battery. Whether the screen shot shows activity or battery, Cryptomator is the only active app all night long. Why is it active? The app is not amongst the visibly loaded apps.

I seem not to have this activity problem. No battery drain on my iPhone 13 Pro.

If iOS asks the app to do something, the app has no other choice than to respond. If you dislike this behaviour, I see four options:

  • turn off your phone at night
  • remove the vaults, so the OS doesn’t know about them
  • uninstall the app each evening
  • use Cryptomator 1.x

That’s like saying cars consume fuel. True, but depends on how you use them. Modern chips’ power consumption varies a lot depending on whether you put them under load or not.

I can see the same chart on my phone, but despite being among only four active apps at night, its relative battery drain in that period is negligible (doesn’t even show a percentage).

But why does iOS ask Cryptomator to do something when the app is not running? Cryptomator does not stop running in the same way as other apps.

I don’t have any apps active when I am not using the app. Certainly nothing at night. So I expect Cryptomator to be inactive when it is not supposed to be running.

Of the couple hundred apps I have on my iPhone, Cryptomator 2 is the only app which is active when it is not running. Honestly I was completely startled by this weird behaviour.

I will take the uninstall solution.