Cryptomar for IOS

I am currently using another free service to encrypt my data but I like Crytomator on desktop as i tried it.

My questions are,

  1. I understand there is charge for the IOS App, if i get a new iphone will I be charged again to download the IOS app if i already purchased the app on the old iphone?
  2. If i add an existing vault on IOS that I created on the desktop version, I will have access to all the files right?
  3. If there are upgrades to the existing app, do i pay for upgrades if i have a paid existing version on IOS?
  4. I current have OneDrive and all pictures I take on my iphone automatically backs up immediately to my OneDrive, would Cryptomator IOS app automatically back up photos as i take them and automatically encrypt them in Onedrive?

No, you won’t be charged again, as long as you’re using the same Apple ID. This is basically the same behavior as any app purchased from the App Store.

Yes, that’s right!

We’re actually working on a big upgrade right now and we already stated that it will be a free upgrade for existing customers.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible with the current version of the app.

Thank you for the response…I appreciate it.

Do you know if the upcoming new Cryptomar app release for IOS would allow pictures to be downloaded automatically to OneDrive encrypted? This would be the only reason for me to get the mobile app. All my pictures today are automatically downloaded to OneDrive by OneDrive but I want my pictures automatically encrypted immediately. I am hoping this is part of the new release…

“Maybe”: There won’t be a dedicated feature for that but we’re looking into adding Shortcuts functionality, which could allow that. But since we haven’t really tested that yet, I don’t want to make any promises.

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ok thanks for the info

I will not bother to use it at this time but I will check back again as this feature is important to me and it’s the only reason I would get the mobile app.