Cryptomantor does not decrypt drive after logon


I have a little problem. After I start my PC and logon the fist time cryptomator does not decrypt drive.
It shows that the drive is decrypted but it isn’t.


After locking and decrypting it again it works without problems.

Is this probem known?

OS is Windows 10 1906 and 2004
Cryptomantor is 1.5.6 (exe 166)


Yes, there are already posts of the same issue.
see here: Vault unlocks and assigns drive letter, but later the drive cannot be opened
or here: Autostart working but mounting of drives fails (without an error message)

please check if your dokany version is the latest. But there are reports also that updating dokany didnt help, so expect not too much.
please try if changing the current session configuration does help (see other posts).
Last but not least: maybe changing to webdav is an option for you.