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I am using cryptomator for a few days now and like it so far. But I have a problem with the way it deals with file creation dates. When I copy a files (e.g. pictures) into a folder (vault) all file will have a new date. The dates shown for “Date created” and “Date Modfied” in the finder window on my Mac are all the dates (and times) of the moment I placed the file in the vault. The original files keep the proper date and time. When I look into the metadata associated with a file i a vault, I can see that the orignal date and time is kept in the metadata, it is only the date shown in the finder window that changed. This is the same on my Max Book Pro and on my iMac (desktop) (both running iOS Sierra). When I take files out of a vault, the faulty date remains.
As I often need to find quickly files find in big folders where I know approximately when I created it, I like to use the “date created” as a fast way to narrow done searching a file. This is now impossible.

Does anybody know how I can fix this.
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Please see here.

So, was it fixed in iOS app? Is it a big that creation date is equal to date of upload?

Yes it was fixed 4 years ago.
And the app has changed to version 2.0
This is a very old thread.

I have just upgraded to Cryptomator 2 two days ago. When I copy a pre-existing file from the “On My iPad” location within the Files App to a newly minted Cryptomator vault, the resulting encrypted pasted file displays no creation date but does show the current date/time in the metadata “modified” field. This is true regardless of how many files or folders I copy in this way.

So, the inability to preserve original metadata is still a problem. If this was “solved” several years ago, it doesn’t seem so anymore.

P.S. Now that Cryptomator is integrated within the Files app, there is no longer any “Share>>Save to…” feature available. To load a file or folder to an encrypted vault, one must use the “copy and paste” method.

You are right. It seems that this topic had come back with Cryptomator 2 and its iOS File-App integration.
Github issue already exist.

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