Creating vault in shared drive

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I was trying to create a vault in shared drive in google drive using the desktop app for win10. However, i was unable to do so. Tried the same with the android app but the app is unable to locate the shared drive located in google drive.
i tried to create encrypt the data using boxcryptor in the shared drive and was successful.

Request you to kindly guide/advise if this feature could be incorporated in the upcoming update.

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regarding the desktop app:
Cryptomator desktop does not do any sync operation. That is done by your google drive client. Cryptomator desktop just encrypt files and stores them where you have configured your vault to be stored. Its up to the sync client configuration to include these encrypted vault files in the sync.

regarding the Android app:
please read this (this is not iOS/Android specific)

i will try to put it better.

I am unable to create a vault in the shared drive (of google drive). cryptomator dosen’t show the shared drives which i have.
i can only create vault in ‘MY DRIVE’.


As seen in the snapshot i am trying to create a vault in ‘ramanshare’. However, the cryptomator dosent show the ‘shared drives’ option when creating a new vault in my android app.

The desktop app is also unable to create a vault in the shared drive.

kindly guide.

It is clear to me what you want to do.
Did you read the linked post regarding the google drive shared issue and mobile apps?

Why not? Any error messages? Is the designated folder available in windows explorer?
Please describe exactly what you are doing, how you expect the system to behave, and what it actually does.

Apologies for late reply…
This topic is at present being discussed in below post.